Sunday, December 30, 2007

Monday is last day to donate for 2007

This Monday Dec 31st is the last chance to donate for 2007.
Read previous post to get the rules.
- One thing that wasn't mentioned earlier. Don't leave things when we are not there. They will get damaged by the elements. And if we don't see you leave then we can't give you a receipt. So if you drop everything before 11 and then come back. You will not get a receipt. We have to see you and your donations in order to give you a receipt.
Hours for Monday are different than the normal Monday. WE WILL BE TAKING DONATIONS FROM11 AM TO 5PM ONLY!!!
We shut donations down at 5 to allow staff to clean up the back and process the incoming donations before leaving for the night. Please, please don't show up at 5:10 and ask us to bend the rules. Once we take yours we'll have 6 more cars pull up and want us to take donations and we have to stop somewhere. thanks you for understanding.