Wednesday, December 12, 2007

a greater gift / SERRV items have arrived

The sun is made from a recylced oil drum lid. Price is $55.00

Folks, I now have products from " a greater gift" which is from SERRV International. I am so excited to get these items. They are nice quality items and best thing of all they are "feel good items".
check the website at for more information.
I couldn't be more thrilled at extending our mission goals of helping those in need to other countries. "a greater gift" is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Which simply means they pay a fair price for the individuals items. They actually pay 50% upfront so local people don't have to loans or go in debt to make the products. AGG also pays to have the items shipped to the states.
Now I don't have to feel guilty about the chocolate I so love. The Divine Chocolate that we are carrying is sinfully good.
Stop by and see the selection.
FYI- because these are brand new items and we have purchased them , there are no discounts, what so ever on these items.