Saturday, December 15, 2007

10 Shopping days left till Christmas

There are 10 shopping days left till Christmas.
Is your christmas shopping done?
Here's some suggestions to make it easier.
- Stop the Thrift Store - pick out a gift from our selection of "a greater gift items" these are items purchase from Serrv and all support the Fair Trade Organization. I have bags of gilt for 4.75 that might seem like a lot but it's you can feel good knowing you have not supported slave labor of any kind. There are a number of jewelry items left. After today I don't expect much to be left. So hurry in early.
- another suggestion is the alternative gift fair at St Gabriels You can make a donation as a gift on someones behalf.
-it's a little late to order online but if you do make sure you use as your entry into the shop. Specify Good Shepherd and we get a contribution from the company when you order. They also have a search engine and every time you search we get a penny. Think about how many times you search a day.
Have a good shopping day and remember ARK , Be kind to the retail store clerks.