Thursday, December 27, 2007

January White Sale - only in Dec. You gotta look at this.

I just rec'd a huge shipment of linens from a local hotel. (The hotel did renovations and changed all their colors)
I have literally hundreds of bedspreads, sheets, pilowcases.All in good used condition.
Bedspreads $2 each
Blankets $3 each - these were going fast yesterday.These are the nice velour blankets
Flat and fitted sheets - each sheet is only .50
Pillow cases are .25 each.
These are priced really cheap. So you are going to pay the same price whether you buy 2 or 200.
As soon as I can find my camera, I'll post a pix of the mountain of bedspreads we have sitting on sales floor. That doesn't include the ones sitting in storage.
Think outside the box. Other uses for these items include dropclothes, furniture coverings, animal box liners. There are endless uses for these and this price. Get them now before they are all gone.
FYI - We sent tons to the area shelters, emergency folks and churchs. this is what's left.