Thursday, August 21, 2008

YES, the Thrift Store has phones once again.

If anyone has tried calling the store in Sterling, you know you couldn't get through. Well, finally the Folks at Verizon decided they did own the line and where able to fix it properly this time. It's a long drawn out story involving our Director of Operations spending many, many hours on the phone with Verizon. But for right now they seem to be working. Keep your fingers crossed. Now I need all your prayers that they are truly fixed.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Well I spoke to soon. The Sterling store is open BUT the phones are not currently working

The phones in Sterling are still messed up. We are still open and are taking donations. We're working to resolve this issue with VERIZON (do I need to say more). We can call out but it's hit or miss if you can call us. Right now some landline phones are geting through but that's not a guarentee. Just bear with us.
Check the website for donation hours which are Mon- Sat 11am to 6pm. The website gives you a donation guide are well. www.
thanks for sticking by us.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thrift Store got a shipment of brand new sportswear.

Folks, you gotta see these clothing items to believe it. They are really nice and we have a large variety of colors. The dresses are selling for $10. All the Other pieces are selling for $5 each. If you want more of this type of clothing you can see a larger variety at our Ashburn location - Hope's Treasures.
the camera does not capture how nice these pieces are. Stop by before they are all gone.

Thrift Store Still has some phone issues

Sorry ,Folks our good friends over at Verizon are continuing to work on getting our phones coming into the thrift store back in working order. Seems the problem is cell phones. So if you need to reach the thrift store, call using a landline phone. Cell phones will not go thru. Who knew it was possible to set up a line and not let cell phones go thru. Well it is and has been happening for almost a week now. But calls coming from a regular phone attached to a phone line are coming in just fine.
We are still there and have no plans to move until the 1st of the year (if then). We take donations 11 to 6 Mon-Sat. We are not open on Sunday and would appreciate it if you did not "leave donations" on that date. They never reach us. They get stolen or damaged by the elements. Anything that gets wet has to be thrown out.