Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Look what we got in Yesterday.

I have a ton of restaurant quality dinnerware just come in from one of the big chain restaurants in the area. After I spread the wealth among the area shelters and churches. This is what I have left. . We have:
- the really big dinner plates - these all have a very colorful fish theme around the rim
-bread and butter plates - 4 different solid colors - orange,blue,green, yellow
-big pasta bowls
-a ton of small and regular size oval casseroles
-wire bread baskets
-sugar holders
-huge oval platters
-small soup cups
There are some pieces that have not been used at all and still sitting in boxes.
If you own a restaurant- now's the time to come shopping. the most expensive piece is the platter at $2. Most everything else is .99 each
The theme of these revolves around fish and the colors used are orange, blue, green, yellow.
Come soon they won't last long.