Saturday, December 29, 2007

2 more donating days left for 2007

Don't wait until the last minute.
Here are your last 2 days to donate to get that tax receipt for 2007.
Today Saturday Dec 29 from 11 to 3
Monday Dec 31st 11 to 5
I can't stress enough to get here before our shut off time. If you come a minute after the shut off time, YOU ARE TOO LATE. I'm sorry but we have to stop some time.

I also reserve the right to shut donations down early if I get too overwhelmed. This only happens when I run out of places to store things until I can process them.
A few last minute rules.
- take a receipt - even if you think you don't need it. If you come back to me next year and say you forgot- I'm sorry for you. but the 2 areas I do not mess with are the courts and the IRS. I DO NOT BACK DATE RECEIPTS.
-you need to fill in name, address and date and leave me the yellow copy inorder to be valid.
- Please don't come before 11. Staff gets in early in the morning to process the day's before donations and get ready for that day. Please plan your day accordingly.
-I am not taking any furniture at this time. I simply do not have room. If you don't beleive me walk into the middle of the store and look at the mountain of bedspreads we have. I few other things we get dumped on us that are not sellable are toys,monitors,baby equipment and exercise equipment. There is a whole list on our website of what we take and don't take.
Thanks for adhering to our guidelines.
See you soon.