Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jewelry, Jewelry and more Jewelry

The Nolan Miller Necklace set shown above with the 3 hearts, sold today (11/29/07)

Hey all
If you love jewelry, now is the time to come shopping at GSA. I've just priced and put out all new jewelry. All the old stuff got bagged up and is selling in bulk lots. There are tons of jewelry items to pick from. I have a mess of jewelry findings that you can make earrings out of. These are bagged in lots and are currently selling for $10 each. I had a blast pricing this stuff and putting it out.
Stop and see us. BTW if you have jewelry you aren't wearing anymore bag it up and bring it on in. These kind of items don't take up alot of space but they do sell very well.
See you soon
The heart necklaces in the thrid pix down are from Nolan Miller and are priced at $25 for the set.