Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas stock is coming in.

Hey folks,
I just price and put a couple dozen really nice fancy christmas stockings. I have the regular size and the small size that can be used for employee stockings or angel stockings. thanks to one of my staff members I have a ton of bagged christmas cards. check with us 1st before you buy christmas cards. I have plenty. And they are nice quality and very nicely priced.
I unloaded some of my christmas storage and put out some really nice christmas decorations.
I do have an urgent need for coats.So clean your closets of winter things and bring'm on in.
Tommorrow being Saturday means a huge amount of donations incoming. Remember Saturday donation hours are from 11-3.

Here's a partial list of some of the things I priced and put out. This should tell you the kinds of things we get in.
-priced 3 DEPT 56 Dickens Village Houses
-Lenox 2 pc christmas candleholder
-beautiful Cherry colored Lowboy
-large stockings
-baby size stockings
-foil christmas tree pans
-several pfzaltgrah canisters - beige with blue print

Tommorrow I should be pricing and putting stuff out all day. There's a lot of stuff ready to be moved on out to the sales floor.