Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas is coming

I know all you folks have been waiting on our christmas items to come out. We started bringing items from storage to the thrift store. So hopefully in the next week we will have a large assortment of Christmas items to choose from. Because space is limited in the new store we chose to put our holiday items in storage until the appropriate season was upon us. Christmas displays are going up and soon you will be able to decorate your whole house with Christmas. Stop by as new things are added daily.
I'll add some pix as soon as we get a good display going.
And thanks for being patient with us. The store is a bit of a wreck since the auction last week. Which by the way was very successful. Thanks to all that attended.
We are working hard every day to put the store back in proper shape. If you have spare time. Come spend some time with us. We welcome all who want to give of their time.
Hey, if I don't get a chance have a good weekend. bundle it's going to get cold - Did I mention we have coats?
Remember this Sat in DC is the annual Fannie Mae Walk for the Homeless.
Mary - GSA Thrift Store Manager