Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our main website is down.

Hey folks,
If you've tried getting onto our main webpage at it was down. Our server doesn't know why. It's back up and running now.But since this blog is on a separate website it's up and running.
Sorry to those that tried to donate late on Monday. We got hit early and I had to shut donations down at 3pm. We just got way too much stuff in. Which is a good thing. That's why I recommeneded to everyone calling on Monday to get there early.
We'll be open for donations today (Wednesday) but probably only till 3. Call before you head out. 703-444-5956.
We still have tons and tons of bedspreads and sheets. I'm actually picking up more sheets tommorrow. At 50 cents each, they make great drop cloths.
Drive carefully, school is back in session.