Monday, January 28, 2008

Does anybody watch Extreme Home Makeover?

My family loves this show and yes I love it. I've noticed a theme running in the last 2 weeks. Nearhomelessness. Last week the couple who has a child with a really rare medical problem and whose medical bills are some $500,000 a year were only several weeks away from being homeless. They lost their house because they couldn't afford to make the payments. They were living in a rental house but because of the childs medical issues they were in danger of loosing that house too.
This sunday featured a family whose house was damaged by flood. The house was razed and their home loan didn't go though. They were living in a rental apartment but it was becoming more and more difficult to make a mortage and a rent payment.

In both case ABC stepped in and WITH the HELP of the COMMUNITY, they built houses for these folks and they are now back to living a normal life. I've seen the application the EHM and they do extensive background checks on these individuals before they agree to help. So my point - here are 2 families near the brink of homelessness and neither case was really their fault. These folks are not criminals nor are they mentally challenged. They are plain folks that needed a helping hand. Just as the vast majority of homeless folks in the United States. The number one cause of homelessness in America is lack of affordable housing. This is fact is according to the National Coalition to end Homelessness. Another scary fact - half of the people living on the street are CHILDERN. This fact also listed on the NCH website.

How can you help? Start asking how you can help. Start talking to your neighbors. Talk with your supervisors, talk to the politician's aks how they intend on helping this year. With the rate of foreclosures looming in Loudoun County prepare yourself for another Katrina like disaster.
Just my 2 cents.