Saturday, February 23, 2008

More than your average thrift store

The Good Shepherd Alliance Thrift store is more than you average thrift store. The days of the thrift store being a dumpy little hole offering up someones well worn jeans are gone. Our thrift store offers up only the best bargain for your money. You shouldn't find many Walmart, Target brands on our floors. Instead you find a vast assortment of designer label clothing for a fraction of the original cost. I often have moms dragging their disinterested teens into the store, only to have them find more stuff then mom does.
Value is the name of the game these days.Everyone is looking to save money.With soaring gas prices and property taxes every one's looking to save money. My clientele at the thrift store is an eclectic mix of individuals. Most have nice paying jobs and live in nice homes and drive nice cars. This is one of the misconceptions people have about thrift stores, that it attracts only low income people.Well my customers would beg to differ. I have alot of retirees also that haunt the store daily looking for that special collectible.
With that said I must also tell you about the other portion of our thrift store. Not only does it provide clothing to all our shelter guest but it also is a valuable community resource. The voucher system was in place before I got here. I've just tweaked it along the way.This year we got a big bonus when Wegman's stepped up to the plate and offered gift cards to those referrals coming out of the school system.We get referrals from everywhere. Any Loudoun County Social service, churches,schools. This is an important aspect to why we are here.
On those times when things are not going right and it looks like the whole world is against us, it only takes someone in need to come and get what they need. And it all falls into place when they turn to you and say thanks....