Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Childrens Clothing BAG Sale is coming to Thrift Store

Yell it from the roof tops, pass the word along. On Friday Morning we open at 11am for our 1st Annual Children's Clothing Bag Sale. We provide the bags you provide the will power and stamina to root thru 60' of rack space and several tables full of bins. All with children's clothing. Mostly winter there may be some spring mixed in the bunch. If it's out in the sales area it's up for grabs.
We have way too many childrens clothing to hang right now.
Here's the ground rules:
- bags are provide by us. This makes it fair to everyone.
-You may double bag at double the cost.
-bag must tie up
-only childrens clothing - no shoes or other items are in this bag sale. Childrens clothing sizes are from o-3 month all the way up to size 12.
-you must bring your bag to cashier and they WILL go through the contents of your bag to make sure you didn't get your regular purchases mixed in the bag.
The doors opne promptly at 11am remember be kind and no running.
Check store for additional rules that might come up before sale on Friday Feb 8th.
This is a one day only sale (Friday Feb 8th 2008) and will not be repeated in this location this year.