Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yes the store is still open - We've had issues with phones

If you've tried calling our main store number it's either rung busy or rang into Ashburn. Of course neither Verizon or Cavelier want to fess up to who screwed up. Altough I got to credit them both with expediting my service request to put the line back. IN the meantime if you really need to reach the thrift store you can call 703-433-2641. But this line is used for other purposes and cannot me tied up for long periods of time. So don't think we're being rude when we try to end the call as quickly as possible. We just need to run a credit card transaction through or need to receive a fax.
Thanks for all you understanding and patience.
Store hours remain the same
Monday thru Sat 11- 7
with donation hours 11-6 each day we're open
We are a faith based organization so we are not open on Sunday.